Canada’s immigration level in June was the highest since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

کانادا بیشترین پذیرش مهاجران را از ابتدای همه گیری ویروس کرونا در ماه ژوئن داشته است

.هند همچنان سهم اول را در مهاجران ماه جون داشته و پس از آن چین و فیلیپین و بعد آمریکا قرار دارند. ایران در فهرست مهاجران ماه جون امسال رتبه نهم را دارد

.این آمار نسبت به ماه می امسال افزایش داشته است ولی نسبت به ماه جون سال گذشته به دلیل شرایط ناشی از کرونا کاهش داشته است

.آمار اقامت‌های دائم صادر شده در ماه جون 2020 نشان می‌دهد که سیستم مهاجرت کانادا در حال بازگشت به شرایط قبل از پاندمی کرونا است

Canada welcomed nearly 19,200 new permanent residents in June 2020. This was revealed in new Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data released today.

Top immigrant countries in June

The top 10 immigrant source countries in June 2020 (PR numbers in brackets) were:

  • India (6,760)
  • China (2,010)
  • Philippines (900)
  • USA (740)
  • Pakistan (595)
  • Brazil (560)
  • United Kingdom (535)
  • Nigeria (530)
  • Iran (390)
  • South Korea (355)

The leading immigrant source countries in June remain unchanged from recent months and years. The new immigrants in June were individuals who had applied for PR months ago, meaning that immigrant source countries have not been impacted by the pandemic so far.

What to expect for the rest of 2020

The June 2020 figures indicate that Canada’s immigration system is “normalizing” to the extent possible during the pandemic. More people were able to overcome COVID-19 challenges in June (e.g., travel delays) than prior months to complete their PR landing.

Canada’s PR levels tend to be higher in the summer so over the coming summer months we should expect immigration levels to remain in the same range as the June level.

Conversely, the travel restrictions and other COVID-19 disruptions will keep PR figures lower than what they were during similar periods in 2019.

Nonetheless, Canada continues to invite more successful immigration candidates to apply for PR.

Bi-weekly Express Entry draws have remained a constant fixture throughout the pandemic, with Canada issuing 3,900 or more invitations to apply (ITAs) for permanent residence every two weeks.

Source: CICnews

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