Canada’s 2023 Parents and Grandparents Program Is Now Sending Invites

The 2023 edition of the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) has initiated its invitation process. From October 10th to October 23rd, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be dispatching invitations to 24,200 potential sponsors who had shown interest. These individuals will be chosen at random from the leftover submissions of 2020. The IRCC aims to gather 15,000 finalized applications.

For those who expressed interest in 2020 and did not get an invitation in 2021 or 2022, it’s crucial to monitor the email address provided during the initial submission. It’s also wise to inspect the spam folder, as the IRCC’s invitation might be directed there.

PGP Eligibility Criteria

A key criterion for PGP is the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI), which demonstrates a sponsor’s financial capability to support their invitees.

For all regions in Canada, barring Quebec, invited sponsors need to present Notices of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the three tax years immediately before their application.

Quebec residents wishing to sponsor a parent or grandparent will have their income evaluated by Quebec’s immigration authority based on provincial standards. Both the IRCC and Quebec mandate a commitment agreement from potential sponsors. The commitment period is 20 years for all provinces, but in Quebec, it’s 10 years.

If you miss out on an invitation this year, consider the Super Visa as an alternative.

Super Visa Overview

The Super Visa offers a pathway for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to invite their parents and grandparents from overseas. This visa grants parents and grandparents the privilege of staying with their families in Canada for a stretch of five years without needing a status renewal.

Holders of the Super Visa can make multiple entries into Canada over a decade. Moreover, existing Super Visa holders might qualify for an extension, allowing a seven-year stay as a visitor.

A significant advantage of the Super Visa is its year-round availability without the need for a lottery system. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Being a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Having no criminal or health-based inadmissibility to Canada.
  • Meeting the income standards set by the Low-Income Cut Off (LICO).
  • Furnishing a formal invitation from their child or grandchild in Canada, which assures financial backing during the visit and details the household’s composition.
  • Showing evidence of a one-year medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurer.

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