New International Student Measures Announced in Ontario

Ontario has introduced initiatives to enhance protections for international students and the quality of higher education, focusing on providing adequate housing and aligning educational programs with labor market needs. These measures respond to rising concerns over housing affordability impacted by the influx of international students. The government plans to:

  • Assess university and college programs to ensure they meet Ontario’s high standards and workforce requirements.
  • Halt new public-private educational partnerships pending quality oversight improvements.
  • Strengthen oversight of vocational colleges and tackle unethical recruitment practices.
  • Collaborate with federal and sector partners to maintain the integrity of postsecondary education.

These steps aim to address issues like inadequate housing, misinformation by recruiters, and ensure educational offerings lead to rewarding careers, particularly in health care and skilled trades, contributing to Ontario’s economic growth.

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Farnoosh Mostaed

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