Canada is a world-class tourism destination, offering visitors a rich diversity of experiences, providing Canadians with good middle class jobs and creating a sense of community pride in every region of the country.

Tourism in Canada is strong and growing, yet some of its tremendous potential is still untapped. We are known for our soaring mountain peaks and jagged coastlines, our world-class major cities and our summer hot spots. But Canada also offers smaller cities and towns, winter escapes, authentic Indigenous experiences, and exquisite homegrown food and drink, and it is a safe destination for all visitors.

Canada’s new tourism strategy

The new federal strategy, Creating Middle Class Jobs: A Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, will unleash the potential of tourism to drive economic growth and job creation in all regions of the country. All communities have something to offer and can be tourism destinations in their own right. The Strategy offers an innovative approach to government-industry collaboration, new funding for product development and a new way of investing in tourism.

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